What is it?

Using the latest in technology, this Solar-Powered Security Camera Setup is designed to supply robust performance where power supplies and Ethernet cables cannot reach, while also supply backup power to resolve monitoring interruptions due to power failures in a conventional power supply scenario.

The advanced kits are ideal for farms and forests, challenging infrastructure projects and temporary sporting or cultural events.


Up until now, end users or system integrators have had to purchase and assemble various parts in order to build a standalone system where electricity and internet was unavailable. This is a time consuming process and the design work and sourcing involved often results in excess costs and power consumption, along with low stability and difficulty in using the system.

This new, integrated solution can be deployed by one person and combats the cost efficiency, stability and user friendly issues found with previous setups.

No Cabling Required

Powered purely by the sun, the kit requires no electrical wiring. A built in battery supports smart power management and long term power storage. Up to 7 days continuous operation can be achieved in the absence of direct sunlight.

The camera setup supports multiple standards including GSM, WCDMA & 4G LTE and connects easily and wirelessly to the internet over mobile networks.

Easy Installation – Designed for the Outdoors

The lightweight and professional modular design ensures setup without mechanical equipment, reducing installation costs and time.

Solar powered camera systems often endure extreme weather such as strong winds and rain and all camera setups in this series are built to withstand the elements with a unique battery system capable of operating at temperatures as low as -20 celsius, where ordinary batteries would become inoperable.