Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP systems, route telephone calls over the Internet or local network (LAN). This negates the need for a telephone network service provider, reducing costs for phone calls.

IP technology also brings many technical advantages for telephone systems, including the use of IVR software (Interactive Voice Response). This enables humans and computers to interact through voice commands and key inputs, giving customers the option of self-service and IVR call routing, meaning they can complete steps on their own, sometimes without the need to speak to a member of staff.

The system can be a valuable tool in dealing with customer queries in situations with high call volumes or when staff levels are compromised. Howsons NetConnect are able to provide simple, sophisticated VOIP solutions for every circumstance, whether you are a small start up unit or a busy office requiring multiple lines. We are on hand to provide clear and honest pricing alongside a reliable support team. We understand the concerns of different sized businesses and build our solutions accordingly, staying at the forefront of technological innovations and customer requirements.


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